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ENVISION HEALTH is about understanding the trends that will change how we think about, deliver & support health in Contra Costa County and collectively addressing changing realities. Contra Costa Health Services is working with the community and partners to think about and plan for health realities 10, 20 & even 30 years into the future.

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Following the first community meeting, four teams were organized to take a deep look at key issues that would shape Envision Health and provide a foundational understanding of the existing health system. Comprised of CCHS staff, partners and people from the community, the teams investigated a specific topic and presented their findings to the Envision Health team on July 25. 

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Grounded in community voices, the October 18 Envision Health convening in Richmond opened with passionate, inspiring and diverse voices from around the county sharing their personal perspectives on what they need to live full and happy lives. Those stories grounded the work of over 100 community members, organizations, leaders, elected officials and Contra Costa Health Services staff as they gathered for the day-long planning session about the future of health in the county.

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COMMUNITY CONVENING - SESSION 3: Moving from Envisioning to Living!

Thanks for those of you who have been engaged in the Envision Health process. Click here for the visual summary of the November 18th Envision Health Convening we held in Pleasant Hill.

Following that community convening in November, we have been working to consolidate your powerful input, insights and recommendations. As you told us, health alone isn’t enough—living life to the fullest means feeling safe, being healthy and having the opportunities to thrive. Just as importantly, you impressed upon us the importance of letting the individual describe what they are striving for.

Throughout December and the early weeks of this year, we have been consolidating and distilling the enormous amount of input provided during the three Envision Health convenings, as well as the hundreds of surveys many of you completed and encouraged your friends, colleagues and family members to complete. We’ve also been reviewing the efforts of the four Work Teams convened over the summer and returning to the trends that will shape Contra Costa in the future. It’s a lot of information, but it’s powerful and demands serious consideration.

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